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GB Publishing Org (GBP)


book award finalists and winners

Readers love stories that hold them not just with passion but the writer’s skill of delivery. That’s the quality he saw when George S Boughton (left) founded GBP, ahead of the current writing boom, in works he published that went on to be book award finalists and winners.


a book is for life

Strong on quality GBP has grown in recognition, as an independent publisher, both in the book trade and also more widely in social media. Added to that GBP offers writers, unparalleled in publishing circles, that: a book is for life, its life and not a print life of two or so years, in effect in perpetuity.


book trade attention has swung from self-publishing

back to recognized publishers (GBP included)

About the writing boom: The itch to write, and moreover be published, shot up as technology made that so much more attainable to everyone. Initially, self-publishing propelled some debut writers to stardom but then soon overwhelmed booksellers, press, media and even literary awards. As a consequence of the sheer volume, overtaking that of all past millennia, book trade attention has swung from self-publishing back to recognised publishers (GBP included) as well as to best-selling authors and with time to spare in their COVID isolation, which happens to have further bumped up book sales, celebrities too.

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