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You are Noah! Introduction coffee-table hardback

Hein Prinsloo Curson

Photos from tie-In to Noah's Ark TV Series


You are Noah! Introduction is bundled with Noah's Ark TV Series 1 (available to watch at least up to 31 December 2023). See the whole story ahead of the TV series continuing in 2024-2025.You are Noah! Introduction is the Tie-In to Sky TV’s Noah’s Ark Series 1, which is FREE to view with this book. Together they, the book and S1, introduce the full Series that will continue through 2024. Major publicity is planned, with Series 1 song ‘It Takes the World to Make a Miracle’ joined by more songs as well as a gala benefit concert in Wembley Stadium (UK), all on the theme of saving the planet.


Captured on camera is all the action in designing and building the world’s first pan-global wildlife conservation park, with Jurassic park level security – where, in Africa, will soon be disclosed. Included are findings from the UN and notes on the IUCN’s red list of endangered animal species. Which this park, with wide open spaces and Eden Project style domes (Cornwall UK), is dedicated to save from extinction. The park will also benefit from a world class eDNA bank for one-day reinstating species not saved.

* The Noah’s Ark Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up to manage the ark and support global projects which prevent deforestation, pollution and animal poaching.






You are Noah! Introduction – with Noah's Ark TV series 1 FREE to watch

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