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A political satire on the end of the world from BOOK AWARD writer Christopher Ritchie.


When Marty Molloy goes about his usual business and finds himself drawn into rescuing a young girl from an attack, little does he know she’s Earth’s last angel on a mission to stop the ‘false apocalypse’ that occurred just over 100 years earlier. Civilisation was all but destroyed following the third world war – the result of political squabbling and growing racial, sexual and religious hate and distrust. Now the angel’s mission becomes Marty’s: to assemble his own team of Horsemen, to travel back in time to stop the sinister force behind it all, and to save humankind.


This bold, hilarious and thought-provoking satire is inspired by the events of 2016-2017 – but its question is timeless: is humanity worth saving? Previously published in episodic format, this novel is the complete collection. Expand your mind – and your vocabulary – and watch out for Red. He’s hungry.

Stop The 'Pocalypse! I Wanna Get Off!

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