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The second volume in the series, Soul's Asylum - Star Weaver, is an Indies BOOK AWARD FINALIST, SCIENCE FICTION.


THE SUN newspaper on the first volume in the series: “ A weird, vivid and creepy book, not for the faint hearted. But it’s originality and top writing make for a great read ****.”


TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: "Pearson is the possessor of an extraordinary imagination that brilliantly assaults every variant of the sci-fi genre." 

In this third volume, following the destruction of the Body Holiday Foundation, the extraordinary life story of telepath Milla Carter finally concludes.  


Iapetus in Saturn’s orbit: Antisoc Outer has been destroyed and now the intelligent gas creature, the Swarm, is tightening its grip on the solar system.


Iapetus Sector Manager ‘The Padre’ and his lover, Laura Bradley, are working with two super intelligent AIs in a desperate bid to find a way to stop the Swarm’s relentless progress. If they fail their only hope is for everyone in Saturn’s proximity to flee in a motley fleet of refugee spaceships.

Milla Carter and her friends know there is no escape from the cloud beast. Mankind’s only hope is to destroy it before it snuffs OUT every soul on Earth. But there seems TO BE no defence against its immense power.


The Adventures of Milla Carter book 6 – Soul's Asylum: The Swarm

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