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Tommy is a Golden Blue Eyed Boy who loves having adventures on his beloved bike he had named ‘Flicker’. One sunny morning, when out riding, he found a ring, which he put in his pocket. He also found a bright red ball and played with it.

Poor Flicker lay there, abandoned, and was flooded by three naughty rain clouds and two Royal ducks decided to land on the bicycle’s wheels which now lay in ponds. Returning, Tommy met the Royal ducks and gave them the ring when they told him it was magical.

Touching a rainbow with the ring turned it into a rainbow-staircase, on which they could walk up to the Kingdom of Clouds. To this place, the Royal ducks decided to invite Tommy. He had a great adventure there but then, when the Moon appeared over the horizon, Tommy bade farewell to the Royal ducks and all his new friends, to return to his beloved Flicker.

This is a unique picture book, with international appeal for children ages 4-12 years. The story is an easy-read unfurling Tommy’s journey to meet new characters, who children might adopt as their own friends.

So, here come blue-eyed, golden haired Tommy, Flicker his trusty bicycle, the old lucky Sun, Prince Billy and Princess Lily, and finally the Royal Ducks.

"It’s not often you find a children’s book told completely in verse, with stunning illustrations that tell the story in a vibrant visual way. But, thankfully, the two-volume ‘Little Tommy and the Kingdom of Clouds’ is such a book, and as such deserves to become a treasure of childhood literature.

The books outline in a unique and original way the adventures of Little Tommy, a small boy, who, thanks to a magical ring he finds, is whisked away to the enchanting Kingdom of Clouds. Here he befriends a whole host of animals with fantastic talents, particularly in sports and the arts.

The stories highlight the qualities of imagination, creativity and hope, as well as the importance of friendship and following your dreams. Each passage in both volumes is reinforced by the superlative illustrations of Ukrainian artist, Nick Solonair, which I am sure both children and adults will love.

The whole story takes the reader on a thrilling journey into someone else’s world…across the Rainbow Staircase to the magical Kingdom of Clouds. So why not join Little Tommy on that journey and take a peek at his amazing adventures….": Agnes Meadows, Poet & Writer

Litte Tommy and the Kingdom of Clouds book 1: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

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