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TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: "Pearson’s galactic-sized imagination delivers a compelling image of a chic, high-tech society infused with a toxic strain that feeds on extreme violence. It’s a disturbingly twisted vision of the future and Pearson’s tough, unflinching narrative almost dares the reader to look away from the monstrousness. Don’t, because Milla Carter, his feisty, sexy heroine, is the weapon of retribution.

A Time To Prey is a gripping read that boldly and intelligently explores the vision of an ugly, amoral future in which goodness must fight for survival. In this dystopian nightmare, privacy is non-existent, life is cheap, killers have fan clubs, while the only individuals who count for something are those with money. Milla’s crusade has a biblical quality in which she is elevated as a force of hope against the corporate anti-Christ of the Body Holiday Foundation. Good will survive, but at what cost? 

For anyone offended by swearing, violence and explicit sex then A Time To Prey won’t be an easy read. Yet it’s worth remembering that nothing about the content is gratuitous. Pearson is simply encouraging us to think about the type of future we could end up getting. The blunt ‘in your face’ tone of the narrative may be crude, but it works."


Lethal is rarely this lovely

Sensuous telepath Milla Carter knows that a business which generates dollars from selling extreme pornography and murder as ‘quality entertainment’, won’t roll over easily. She’ll have to use her lightening quickness and enhanced senses like never before if she’s to outwit and annihilate both the Body Holiday Foundation and its hired assassin. For the sleekly-beautiful Su-Nami, part human/part machine, killing is a game and the spoils an edible feast. 


The Adventures of Milla Carter book 3 – Body Holiday: A Time To Prey (paperback)

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