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TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: "Pearson possesses an extraordinary imagination that brilliantly assaults every variant of the sci-fi genre. His writing is vivid, urban and unflinching in its descriptions, taking the reader through Saturn's rings, outer-world "constructs" and altered perceptions.

This is hard hitting storytelling with full-on language and a brutally splendid plot twist, which, if you make it to the end, will leave you crossing your legs! "

Revenge needs no salt to taste this good! 


The sexy all-action heroine Milla Carter's breathtaking journey extends through outer-world "constructs", now visiting an African landscape smouldering with sexual heat and the odour of violence.


In this sequel to Body Holiday, Milla's war against the sinister Body Holiday Foundation and its twisted founder is more than just personal. She's out to destroy them both and, quite frankly, who can blame her? This outfit makes big bucks from normalising some of the most depraved forms of human behaviour. Nothing is off-limits where these creeps are concerned and they deserve every bit of what's coming.

The Adventures of Milla Carter book 2 – Body Holiday: Shadow Players (paperback)

SKU: "9780957672895"
£11.99 Regular Price
£8.39Sale Price
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